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Valletta, Malta

Get to know more about Gzira

Gzira is a charming town offering a blend of coastal beauty and urban vibrancy. Its picturesque seafront, overlooking the stunning Manoel Island, is perfect for leisurely walks and panoramic views of Valletta’s skyline. Gzira is known for its bustling atmosphere, with lively cafes, restaurants, and shops dotting the waterfront. With its proximity to Sliema and easy access to Valletta, Gzira provides a delightful coastal escape with a vibrant urban flair.

Things to do in Gzira

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Seafront Strolls

Enjoy leisurely walks along Gzira’s charming seafront, offering breathtaking views of Manoel Island and Valletta’s skyline.

Café Culture

Experience the local café culture in Gzira. Gzira’s waterfront is dotted with lively cafes and restaurants, perfect for a relaxing seaside meal.

Urban Exploration

With easy access to Sliema and Valletta, explore the vibrant urban scene. Gzira combines coastal beauty with a bustling atmosphere, creating a unique and enjoyable experience.

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