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Get to know more about Sliema

Sliema is a picturesque coastal town on the northeast coast of Malta. Renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, Sliema effortlessly combines historic charm with a modern, cosmopolitan flair. The bustling waterfront promenade offers breathtaking views of Valletta’s grand skyline, while the lively streets are adorned with an array of shops, cafes, and cultural gems. Sliema’s allure lies not only in its stunning architecture and panoramic vistas but also in its dynamic energy, making it a magnet for locals and visitors alike. Whether strolling along the promenade, exploring hidden alleyways, or indulging in waterfront dining, Sliema is the place where history, culture, and contemporary allure meet.

Things to do in Sliema

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Promenade stroll

Take a leisurely walk along the stunning Sliema Promenade, offering breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea, Valletta’s historic skyline, and the nearby city of St. Julian’s.

Swimming and sunbathing

Enjoy the clear, turquoise waters of the Mediterranean by taking a swim or lounging on one of Sliema’s rocky beaches or swimming platforms. Many hotels also offer access to private lidos.

Ferries to Valletta

Catch a ferry from Sliema to Valletta. It’s a scenic and convenient way to explore Malta’s capital city, with frequent departures throughout the day.


Sliema is a shopper’s paradise. Visit The Point Shopping Mall or take a stroll along Tower Road for boutique shops, fashion outlets, and souvenir stores.


Sliema boasts a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and eateries. Try some Maltese cuisine, fresh seafood, or international dishes in the many dining establishments.

Visit Fort Tigné

Explore the historical Fort Tigné, which dates back to the 18th century. It’s an impressive structure and offers some great views of the surrounding area.

Cultural experiences

Visit The Point, which occasionally hosts cultural events and exhibitions. Check for any ongoing events or art displays during your visit.

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